Hope at Christmas

Are you feeling Hopeful?

Are you hopeful for Christmas?

It’s hard to say – isn’t it? We all want to see loved ones this year, but will we be able? We all want some hope to see us through into (hopefully) a brighter 2021. But where do we find hope?

Are you hopeful our MP’s can help us? Hmmmmm… let’s ask the USA, shall we?

Are you hopeful our GP’s can help us? Maybe… but aren’t they a bit snowed under?

Are you hopeful our GDP can help us? That really depends on how the economy is doing, doesn’t it?


Why not look for Christmas hope?

The Lord Jesus Christ came into our world to give us life, love, hope and a future. Have you ever wondered WHY Christians can still be full of hope, despite all that’s been going on? Maybe the answer is easier to find than you think? Jesus Christ is the ONLY HOPE for our world.

Why not read a copy of John’s Gospel (we can give you a free copy if you want).

Why not pray? Just talk to God yourself – and ask Him to to show you where you can find hope?

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