Light at the end of the tunnel?

Photo by Cinemanoir Ph on Unsplash

The struggle will soon be over! Maybe by mid-February?

The waiting will end! Perhaps by end of March?

The tears will be wiped away! I can even wait til early April!


When you’ve been vaccinated?

When you get your new job?

When your planned wedding / holiday / house move (delete as appropriate) finally happens?


Those might be great… but there’s something far more amazing. Something that fills some of us with HOPE!

EASTER SUNDAY THIS YEAR IS SUNDAY 4TH APRIL! That’s right… the day when Christians recall that there is an ANSWER TO DEATH!

Even when Covid has gone… death hasn’t…

The statistics don’t lie, sadly. 100% of all people die in the end. What happens next? What hope is there? Do we just cross our fingers? Or maybe we laugh at the silly people who believe there might be something? Do we rage against the dying of the light? Or resign to a bit fat nothingness?

I am the resurrection and the life…

That’s what Jesus claims. The answer to death (and life as well). Do you know this hope? Do you understand what Jesus is actually offering? Why not take a fresh look?