Image provided by Unsplash. Credits to marco-bianchetti

Why would anyone need advice on how to hug? Ah… but so many things have changed in this last 12 months haven’t they?

** Perhaps you’re excited about meeting (& hugging) loved ones?

** Maybe you’ve already been hugging (we won’t tell anyone!)

** Or are you rather scared about the coming “hug-fest?”

WE ALL WANT INTIMACY… but where can we find it?Of course, if we are blessed with a significant other, we can look to them. But is that enough? Can one other human being really take all the weight of our expectations and hopes? What if they let us down?

WOULD YOU CONSIDER ANOTHER WAY? Perhaps this past year has made you re-evaluate much of what you thought and believed. How about when it comes to a personal, loving, relationship with the Lord God who made you?

Jesus said, “Come to me… all who are weary and heavy-laden and you will find rest for your souls.”

It’s an offer that’s still open to all who are seeking. Could that be you? If you want to ask ANY qns, or just want to find out more about true Christian faith… please get in touch. We’d be delighted to meet (outside for now!) with a coffee and chat!