Welcome to Grace Ebbsfleet

What comes to mind when you hear the word, “Church?” We won’t presume to guess what you’re thinking – but we’d love to encourage you to take a FRESH LOOK at church for yourself!

A fresh look at Church

Just imagine a community of people who have discovered the most amazing person in the world – and whose lives have been transformed by that person. That’s church!

And who is this amazing person? You won’t be surprised when we tell you, “Jesus!” We believe Jesus Christ is none other than God’s son, come to earth as a man. He lived the perfect life that we never could and he died the criminal’s death that we all deserved. He rose triumphantly from the grave and now lives forever and rules the universe. And one day Jesus will return to judge all humanity, before restoring the universe in perfection.

Because of his amazing life, death and resurrection – everyone who trusts in Jesus knows full forgiveness and fellowship with the living God!

As we said… imagine how knowing THIS PERSON might transform a person’s life. He’s done it for us… who knows – he could do it for you!

Meet the Team Leaders

Adam & Julia Laughton live in Mercer Avenue, Castle Hill. They have 4 children, although 3 of them are now adults! Adam is the Church Planter / Team Leader for Grace Community Church.

Adam’s Story:  “I had no real knowledge of God or Jesus until I met a Christian at Southampton University. This was the first “real” Christian I ‘d ever met and he impressed me because his life matched his words. After several months of searching, reading the Bible and talking with my friend, I became a Christian in my study-room! After Uni, I spent 5 years as a Teacher, before training for the Christian Ministry. I was the Pastor of “Grace Baptist Church, Southport,” for 11 years before moving to Gravesend to work with the Gateway Project and Grace Community Church.”

Julia’s Story:  “I had the joy of growing up in a Christian family and went to church from a tiny baby. I soon realised that neither of these things made me a Christian, and I needed to be forgiven by God and follow Jesus for myself. When I went to Uni (to train as a primary teacher) I was struck by the way everyone around me was searching for happiness in so many different ways. It confirmed to me that lasting joy and peace is found only in a true relationship with God, through Jesus. Life is not always easy, but knowing that God is in control gives me hope and strength each day.”

Nigel & Lucy Hoad have lived in Castle Hill for several years, although they have had to move away due to retirement. They have three grown up children, and seven grandchildren (plus one more on the way!)

Nigel writes… “The best thing that ever happened in my life was to have God, through his son Jesus, meet me and through Christ’s death and resurrection bring me into his family. After 30+ years experience as a Quantity Surveyor, I retired in order to take up an opportunity to serve God full time. I now head up the mission work of Grace Baptist Churches in the south east and as part of that remit, am involved in Grace Community Church. I long to see many others come to know Christ as their personal Saviour in the Ebbsfleet and Gravesend areas as I work alongside the Grace Team.”

Lucy writes... I became a Christian mostly through reading the Bible, God’s amazing Word! I realised I was a sinner before God and needed forgiveness. I prayed to Jesus to forgive me and put my trust in Him; that was a good few years ago, before I was married, and I have been married for over forty two years! Life has its ups and downs but Jesus has been my constant friend, especially when going through treatment for aggressive breast cancer. God gives a peace that goes miles beyond our understanding”

What do we believe?

The Bible is Gods message to our world. What it teaches is surprising and supremely important. For example, it teaches:

  • God is amazing. He is one God: a loving union of three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) who have existed for all eternity.  Each person is fully God.
  • God is the creator of the whole universe. He is in complete control of everything. Nothing can stop Him from doing his will.
  • God created the first man and woman to rule and care for our world. But they disobeyed their Creator and lost their perfection. Each of us, descended from them, has a disobedient and ruined nature. We are sinful and selfish. We justly deserve God’s rejection and judgement.
  • Out of love and mercy God the Son became a man. He lived a perfectly obedient life. Finally He suffered death on the cross, taking the place of millions of sinners, whom He loved. His victory over sin and death is proved by His rising from the dead.
  • God promises the Holy Spirit to give people the power to turn from their selfishness and trust Christ. Salvation is an absolutely free gift from God, which we cannot earn or buy. To accept this free gift, we must repent of our rebellion and trust in Christ alone to save us.
  • No one who truly repents and trusts Christ can ever be lost. Christians are baptised to show publicly what has already happened within them. Then, through the strength of the Holy Spirit, Christians slowly become more and more like Christ.
  • The local church is essential to God’s purposes. Christians show the reality of their faith in Jesus by loving, meeting and working with Jesus’ followers. The local church is the context in which Christians share the Lord’s Supper.
  • Everyone who has ever lived will one day see the personal, glorious return of Jesus Christ to earth.Then the family of God will be made perfect. They will live in the presence of God forever.

This SAVIOUR-GOD is whom we worship and serve.

A more detailed statement of belief is contained in our affirmation of faith, entitled, “We Believe,” and published by Grace Publications, 1966