It’s time for another present give-away! Sometime on or around Monday 17th December, we plan to hide some more Christmas rocks for families to discover around Castle Hill.

Closer to that date – watch out for flyers being delivered through your post boxes. They will give you more information. But rest assured – if you find a rock, you can bring it along to Nigel & Lucy at 16 Mercer Avenue for an extra Chrismas gift from us!

Feeling the PRESSURE?


Tues May 30

7.30pm – 9pm

@ 16 Mercer Avenue (Nigel & Lucy Hoad’s)

Have an opinion? Why not discuss life over a coffee and cake?

No need to agree – just friendly discussion!

A good mix of views is ALWAYS WELCOME!

Why not pop in – it would be great to see you!

Coffee & Questions – “Easter: Myth, Magic or More?”

Is Easter more than a nice LONG WEEKEND? (With Creme Eggs!)

It rolls round every year, but WHAT DOES IT MEAN? And why celebrate? Isn’t it all just a myth? Or was it a giant magic trick? If not, then could it actually be something MORE?

You’re warmly invited to COFFEE & QUESTIONS, where we will be discussing this very thing. It’s a relaxed opportunity to chat and think about some of the “bigger questions,” in life. It’s open to EVERYONE (whatever you do or don’t believe).

Tuesday 18th April, 7.30pm @ 16 Mercer Avenue

For more info, please contact us, or call Nigel & Lucy on


The World We All Want

We all dream… of a better world. A world of security, plenty and friendship. Christians believe that God promises just such a new world. And the Bible is the story of what God has done and what he will do to keep that promise.

The world we all want is for people who are interested in discovering the message of the Bible. It’s an introduction to the whole Bible story – the story of our world and its future. And as you start to see how wonderful God’s story is, you’ll also start to see how this story can become yours as well.

We run this 7 – session course in homes. If you want to find out more – contact Adam via our “contact” page.

Welcome to Gateway 2 Life

This is the new website of “The Gateway Church,” a house-based church network, working in Gravesend & Northfleet.

We’re committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible, and Christian discipleship. We believe the Truth matters – in fact the Truth is the only hope for our world.

It’s still “early days,” but we’re beginning to meet folks and introduce ourselves. An important part of our initial work will be visiting homes in and around the area.

Please watch this space for more news.